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Welcome | Balmiki Education Foundation

Since the establishment of Balmiki Education Foundation (which has now been transformed into Providence H.S School). It has play a central role in its growth both in size and quality. Set up as a Ten Plus Two (10+2) or Higher Secondary School originally, Balmiki has grown extensively with its programs affiliated to universities and a specialized primary section. Balmiki's programs are one of the most sought after academic courses in Balmiki. On top of all, we have had an extraordinary track record of running a fine school up to SLC, with outstanding results and performances over every consecutive year continuously for five years now, which we have re-branded. I feel delighted to tell our students, guardians and well-wishers that we have now shifted to our own new premises. 


We offer our students better-equipped facilities in our own location to enhance further their overall learning capacity in a well-suited and convenient location. The change from Balmiki to Balmiki Education Foundation as an official name comes after a well-meditated thought of giving the institution a fully Nepali national name. We of course retain all the best faculty that we have had for years, the competent staff and every other physical resources of Balmiki. The management team of Balmiki remains intact but with a refined commitment and energy towards building as one of the leading educational institutions for Plus Two education and for Bachelor programs as BBS.

Our endeavor has always been towards offering our students the best they deserve. We believe that academic excellence cannot be achieved unless the students fully participate in all the activities of the institution. So, we involve our students in various student-centered activities for their all-round development. And in all these activities we have our role as a facilitator.

We are proud of our students who have produced extraordinary results in various board examinations and achieved notable success in different sectors of society. We are also proud of our faculty and staff who endeavor hard to make students feel at home by stimulating the learning environment. 

Welcome once again to Balmiki Education Foundation!

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